Thursday, June 25, 2009


Chuck Cooper - God's Approach to Evolution

My clarification of the whole evolution debate below was incited by the following fulmination by Lola LeMieux Kindley, upon her discovery that I think evolution is cool. "SO YOU THINK YOU CAN GET SOMETHING FROM NOTHING BY ADDING TIME? And you actually give the time of day to Dawkins and his other cohort, both of them being reduced to hypothesizing aliens planting seeds to account for life on this planet. Cooper, whatever it is you are hooked on, it is certainly not legitimate science. And The Blind Watchmaker is SO last year!"
Clearly, it would not be appropriate for me to apologize for evolution. In fact I would be scared to because God did it. What some do not realize is that ALL religions, including science and those funny 5000 year guys, agree on evolution. You see, God did it. Where you get the appearance of respectful dissent is with the differing opinion about how far back God stood when he kicked off evolution. Was it way back with a piece of RNA maybe, letting everything proceed on its own from there? Now He could have if He wanted to, you betcha! He is that good! OR, did He do hands on all the way up to the species level? Could have, just to make people feel better, not having to feel related to monkeys, or worse, fish! Fish for God's sake. You would have to respect the consideration. Now some even say He stood back only 5000 years ago, and planted a bunch of fossils just to kid around with the science types. Kind of like a divine Easter egg hunt. Who doesn't enjoy those? Now all agree that from whereever God chose to stand at the kick-off, He did expect to help those animals and plants who helped themselves, that is, if you had a better set up for reproduction than the other guy's kit, there was going to be more of you than them. Think about it. Nobody, regardless of their religion, expects God to sit there and decide what color every little bunny's fur is going to be. Much less, some moth hanging out on a tree trunk. So, it is all about where He stood, and like an 800 pound gorilla, He stood exactly where He wanted. So no reason for us to get all jiggy about it. Good for Him!

Most readers will recognize that my points were extensively debated by Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz, who did get jiggy about it. Their calculus established the extremes of the view. It was before Darwin, and they ignored the 5000 year guys.

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